‘Surendri’ celebrates the colours of Rajasthani Tie & Dye with a new collection titled ‘Glee’. 

This collection is bejewelled with various elements like hand embroidered details, combination of soft and hard fabrics, abstract graphic and beautiful bright colours blending together for one funky line-up. With a fun-mix of retro and modern fashion trends; our peek-a-boo tops, sexy dresses, elegant track- suits, classy sarees and glam lehengas are all set for the fun summer.

‘Colours make me happy, sometimes so happy that I could laugh out loud. Playing, mixing new colours and letting my thoughts flow without any specific plan is liberating, In these uncertain times it's good to not have a plan. Sometimes art can just be about having fun and creating freely, It is okay to not know, It is okay to chill and enjoy the process, It does not have to be perfect. It just has to be a journey that fills you with 'Glee'.' Yogesh Chaudhary