There’s a refreshing new wave of voices in Indian fashion. Moving away from the typical, but still rooted in our cultural aesthetics. Always respectful of our heritage, but not compromising on playfulness. Local flavour, with a global approach. And Surendri is one such label that checks all these boxes.
From the inception of the label in 2012, there’s always been a talking point in each collection. From Pac-Man prints to shimmering resort wear, Seventies-style geometrics on sportswear, to macro florals on Indian wear - there’s an undeniable vibrancy in every garment. Even though I’m a traditionalist when it comes to fashion’s ‘real opinion leaders’, the popularity of his designs with Bollywood A-listers has probably got Yogesh more recognition than any review in hard copy.
However, the only make-or-break criteria for any brand to evolve is the strength of its product and the resonance of its brand message. And that’s where Surendri delivers. Having worked with his clothes and accessories, mind you - he makes them all on his own; I can safely say that a Surendri design is a multi-sensorial fashion experience. Good to look at, textural yet wearable and with a definitive wow-factor when worn. This is not for the faint-hearted, but rather for the consumer of the future. A shopper who doesn’t buy into gimmicks, but rather design genius to complement their lifestyle.
Editors may tell you about the must-haves, starlets will dazzle you on the red carpet, and bloggers will go gaga on social media - but today style is much more than what anyone tells you. It’s about owning part of a designer's beliefs and including them in your universe. Clothes aren’t just a cocoon to cover your back, but a form of self-expression and individuality. What you wear may not define you, but it sure as hell is a sunnier day when you put on a big sunflower print dress from Surendri to face the day. This is one label to watch out for. You heard it here first.

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